2-5 Year Room – Toddler room Caterpillar and Butterflies

Toddler room Caterpillar and Butterflies

Footprints is devoted to ensuIMG_0680re that your toddler enjoys and learns during their time with us, therefore the staff make sure they have a stimulating, happy and secure environment.

Footprints have a creative approach to each activity allowing them to discover new skills and exploring new ones. This allows your child to build confidence and expressing themselves in the exciting way that they understand the world around them, with this their language and communication improves showing that they can express themselves in a positive manner with their friends and families.
With our wide range of activities they will learn sharing, taking turns and interacting with other children which assist in preparing them for school.

We work with all the local schools to ensure that after settling in your child will find the transition easier. At Footprints we create a profile of your child which is given to your teacher and we can work on the next stages for reception, we also have two parents e
evenings a year allowing staff to make time to discuss your child’s development needs and concerns you may have.

The children also have trips to the local points of interest, local library and park.

Our staff create a nurturing environment that ensures your child will learn the necessary social skills and self-esteem, making them content and confident in the choices they make.


Prime areas for learning Specific areas
Physical developmentLiteracy
Social and emotional developmentMathematics
Communication, language and literacyUnderstanding of the world
Expressive arts and design.




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